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意大利商务参赞代表一等秘书 倪飞(意大利)
Filippo Nicosia (Italy) Representative of Commercial Counsellor, First Secretary
in the Commercial and Economic Section of the Embassy of Italy in Beijing
Leaders and Representatives of the World Hotel Association, Representatives of the United Nations, World Tourism Organization, Scholars and Experts from China and abroad, Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m very glad to be here today to deliver the speech on the behalf of Italian Embassy for the 4th World Hotel Association Conference and the 8th Annual World Hotel Forum.
Tourism is one of the most important industries in the globalized economy. And the hotel sector constitutes its background. Italy is a longer former country in the world for tourism and hotel supplies and ranks highest in Europe for overall room capacity. In Italy which is a country that posesses natural resources we consider a rich historical culture heritage to be only resorts for our own guests. Tourism is one of Italy’s fast growing and most profitable industrial sectors within estimated revenue of 136 billion Euros. With more than 1747 million tourists a year, Italy is the fifth highest tourist owner and the fifth most visited country in the world behind France, the United States,  Spain and China. In reality, if you consider the organized things in the hotels. Those considations instead of the only arrivals in the country, then Italy’s rapid changes makes it ranked second in Europe just behind Spain. Italy is obviously one of the most popular destinations in Europe for Chinese tourists. The number of Chinese visitors to Italy have been growing at the rate of 18 percent and has reached 1.5 million tourists last year.
The 2015 Milan Expo as the host mentioned before is one of the most important events in the world this year. It is expected to boost visitors arrived from China to Italy to about 3 million this year. The number of Chinese application for Schengen Visas processed by Italian Consulate in China has always ranked Italy among the top 2 countries. Italian tourism has introduced mergers in recent years for Chinese tourists such as Chinese language on official Italian tourism website, simplified the visa process and designing detailed itineraries and local tour routes, and providing Chinese language wifi and guiding service at museum, historical sections, hotels and shopping centers. With about 34,000 hotels Italy has formed the forth largest hotel market in the world after the United States, China and Japan.
Countries obviously much larger in terms of land is more popular. In the mean time, Italian hotel industry is improving its competitiveness in the globalized economy in terms of innovation and supplementary services delivered to the customers. For instance, the hotel is becoming smarter, more environmental friendly, and for the Chinese guests they become more Chinese friendly. Despite the trend and its becoming the fifth popular country worldwide, Italy has the potential to develop further in the hotel industry. Improvements have been made in the legal framework, taxation and incentives in order to attract more investment in the hotel sectors from China and abroad. Italy is also price competitive and improves its infrastructure and branding.
I ensure that the Italian know-how and the experience in the hotel industry will be very gladful to be shared with the world hotel association. I wish all the participants of the conference to have a very successful event and structure incorporation in this very important field of the tourism. Thank you!
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