上海共识Shanghai Consensus

时间:2008-10-09来源:世界酒店联盟 作者:WHA
上 海 共 识Shanghai Consensus

                               World Hotel Association & WHA China Leaders Club


    2008 marks the 30th anniversary of the adoption of China’s reform and opening-up policy. After 3o years’ efforts and striving, China’s integration into the world economy has been increasingly close.


    Nowadays, the Political and economic diversification has resulted in the boom and prosperity of different kinds of industry and national culture, especially in the hotel industry in the world. Under the flouring and improving circumstances, the hotel industry both in China and the world requires better patterns for competition and win-win. Therefore, the establishment and promoting of WHA and WHA China Leaders Club is meeting the trend of times.


     Tourism is the world’s largest industry, of which hotel industry is an important component. So far, America, England, Germany and some other countries are the best representatives of highly-developed hotel industry in the world. China and other Asian countries or areas are making progress to try to catch up-in particular, China. After the reform and opening-up, amazing changes have taken place in the hotel industry in China. So far, there are more than 200,000 hotels and over 14,000 star-hotels in China.


    China has become the factory and market of the world after its entry into WTO. Up to 2008, 67 well-known hotels of 41 countries have expanded into China. There are now more than 60 hotel management companies in China six of which have ranked among the top 300 international hotel. JinJiang international hotel has entered the list of the top 20 ranking the seventeenth. China is strengthening the development and exchange with the world hotel industry day by day.


     The hotel industry in China has a vast potential for future development. By 2015, China will have increased the number of hotels by 200,000, star-hotels by 10,000 and five-star-hotels by 500. In the future three to five years, the investment will reach 340 billion. The competition between hotels will be even fiercer, among which the soft power will be much more prominent. Corporate restructuring, merger &acquisition of hotel industry will further accelerate, especially the international and trans-area ones. At new times, the individual investment and management of China and world hotel industry will be much more obvious. Meanwhile, the awareness of the protecting humanities and environment is stronger. The application of new technology, new material or new equipment is becoming increasingly commonplace.


     Hotel industry is the various service trade of world economic development, and the same time the epitome of every country’s political, economic and cultural development in the world. In a world of peace, it is necessary for us to take adoption of a good union mechanism to enrich and promote the communication and interaction of world’s hotel industry. Above all, we should do more effective work in advertising and promoting and rely on the help and support of members of the union and the member of WHA China Leaders Club to make World Hotel a good magazine, and turn World Hotel magazine most authoritative business consultative media in China.


     In order to improve the healthy and rapid development of China’s hotel industry and promote the communication and prosperity of world hotel industry, Chinese element and Chinese concept should be emphasized based on the demand of the development of Chinese and international hotel industry. China’s reform and opening-up policy together with the political probity and economic flourishing should be taken advantage of to influence the better growth of hotel industry all over the world. In 2008, we invested and established the World Hotel Association and WHA China Leaders Club and other institutions and we are going to hold a meeting for the preparation of the two institutions in 3.31 in Shanghai. We had a discussion on the bylaws of the organization and made clear the development direction and strategy of the two institutions. We also elected principal heads and set up the permanent establishment of secretariat of the institutions.


     The set-up of World Hotel Association will first take into consideration to make use of the world hotel magazine to push forward the development of China’s hotel industry in the near future. It will also coordinate with the Chinese government to make China hotel industry achieve progress with international hotel industry. Full use will be made to do every work for the benefit of the development of the society and industry by the high identification of members of the union according to the Bylaws.


      The union’s advancement in the future three years will be-China & will be the center of improve the development and prosperity of international hotel industry in background of fully highlight the national culture of China and all over the world. In 2008, in the foundation of the set-up of WHA, WHA China Leaders Club, World Hotel Brand Research Center, World Hotel Development Foundation will be established as well. The WHA system will be operation system and WHA will be the center. Full use will be made according to the good background of the development and interaction of China and world economy. The overall work arrangement of media, hotel union, research of the brand and of education and training will be accomplished. In the future two or three years, WHA system will be most extraordinary media, consult and culture industry group in China’s hotel industry, and concept of this will be combined to take more talented persons into the sharing of the information of the industry culture. The association will be a real one for the consultative and cultural service for China and the world.


     In 2008, the World hotel magazine will publicize positively the excellent enterprise culture and the images of alma in the industry to world in the form of WHA Brochures, and based on that, the magazine will transmit accurately the best result of information and culture to the world in time.


      In 2008, the official set-up of WHA and WHA China Leaders Club will fully improve Chinese and world’s hotel industry and glorify Chinese national hotel culture, and the new mode of the cooperation among China’s separated-operating hotels” and “WHA’s new concept of individuality will be enhanced. At the same time, the rudiment of China’s most extraordinary media, consult and culture industry group will be accomplished.


    In 2008, the main founding member of World Hotel Association•WHA China Leaders Club will be elected and decided, which enables the two institution an authority in the world industry.


     In 2008, the plan and preparation of World Hotel Investment Summit & China Conference on Tourism Properties and WHA Annual Congress will be carried out. The world hotel industry’s substantial development will be enhanced and influenced by the form of a grand meeting and discussion. And several ways will be adopted to collect the invisible treasure and the latest and authoritative information.


     In 2008, White Paper On The Development Of World Hospitality Industry is planned to be issued, and special brochures which advertises Chinese famous hotel group will also be published and issued.


    In 2008 to 2009, WHA and its China leaders Club will advocate and host world hotel hope school and other kinds of activity of donations to school, and prepare for the World Hotel Development Foundation at the same time, which calls for the return of humanities by gratitude. The profits of WHA will be used to repay the community. The world hotel industry will make a voice saying that may the world full of love, sunshine and harmony.